Charlotte White

Executive Assistant, Accountant
With TWW Since 2013

Charlotte White is Executive Assistant & Accountant to Ted Walters, responsible for Accounts Payable and reconciliation of all of Ted’s companies: Ted W. Walters & Associates, LLC, TWW Services, Inc., Sendero Resources, Inc., Four W Family Partnership, and Ted W. Walters personally. She is also responsible for gathering and providing TWW’s CPA with all materials for preparing tax returns. Charlotte takes care of Ted’s personal business and is responsible for building maintenance.  In addition, Charlotte is responsible for making sure Sendero Resources, Inc. is being paid correctly for all wells in which they own an interest.

Charlotte has over seventeen years’ experience in oil and gas operations. She has extensive experience in production, including managing over 500 wells in a production program and generating monthly production and sales reports. She has handled accounts payable for Joint Interest Billing and generated AFEs, and has prepared and filed Drilling Permits and monthly regulatory reporting to a number of State and Federal agencies. She has worked with engineers regarding well operations and maintained communication with Working Interest Owners. On the Land and Legal side, she has prepared Division Orders, Joint Operating Agreements and spreadsheets verifying unit ownership for royalty, shut-in royalty and delay rental payments.

Before joining Ted W. Walters & Associates, Charlotte worked for Valance Operating Company, Lamar Oil & Gas, Inc., and Riddle Engineering Corp (Mueller Engineering Corp), all in the South/Southeast Texas area. She moved to East Texas in 2013.