At TWW, we have a history of using reliable, proven technology to provide clear, timely, and accurate results for our clients. We have long been recognized as one of the first land brokerage firms in Texas to:

  • Provide advanced mapping products from dedicated GIS professionals. 
  • Develop corresponding reports in-house that allow our clients to customize their project data however they wanted.

As technology advances, we continue to upgrade, enhance, or replace tech tools while balancing our approach between the traditional and tech-savvy to give our clients what they need in a format that works for them.

As an iLandman Certified Partner, we’ve embraced technology that streamlines our processes and eliminates redundant tasks. At the same time, we realize that the greatest technology is only as good as the person who created the program and the person using it. We look at it this way: Does buying a killer set of clubs make you a scratch golfer? If you got your hands on a rock star’s guitar, is that enough to win a Grammy? Not likely.


That’s why we view technology as a tool, not the end product. To be accurate and effective, that tool must be operated by knowledgeable people – or the beautifully formatted output may be simultaneously worthless and very costly. 

Our focus at TWW is on locating, contracting, and developing quality people first, and then enhancing their efforts with best-in-industry processes and technology. Using the skills and experience of our people to utilize the technology creates a system of checks and balances to work efficiently and effectively.

At TWW, we believe that it first takes quality people and then cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver a well-rounded work product to our clients. 

That’s why TWW embraces the motto of “Where People Make the Difference!”