Why TWW?

Ted W. Walters & Associates is an organization built on trust, and the tone is set “at the top” by Ted himself.  We expect a lot out of the people we hire, and we also understand that the land business is an apprentice-type business:  most of it can’t be learned from a book.


We have created an environment where our Project Managers play a crucial role in the development of our organization. Their input is systematically extracted as our company evolves and they play a key role in the development of our teams. Our Project Managers share their knowledge and expertise through an unofficial mentoring program that is a natural by-product of our environment.  


In addition to mentoring our own folks, Ted W. Walters & Associates offers a Landman Exchange Program® for our clients. Under this program, in-house landmen experience field work first-hand and gain invaluable insights into what it takes to deliver a client’s required end product.