At Ted W. Walters & Associates, we strive to be the most comprehensive, innovative and sought-after land services company for clients large and small.  We continually strive to improve our people, our processes and our products to maintain our status as an industry leader among land services companies. We build long-term relationships based on resourcefulness, mutual trust and respect with our clients as well as the community.

(The things we all believe in – our Mission Statement supports these values)

  • People – We value self-managing, self-directed and responsible team players who meet or exceed client expectations.  We provide our people a positive work environment, the appropriate infrastructure and cutting-edge tools to support our high expectations.
  • Integrity – We select, reward and retain professional staff and brokers who demonstrate integrity, confidentiality and loyalty, and who hold themselves and others accountable to our high ethical standards.  
  • Responsiveness – We value responsiveness to each other, to our clients, and to property owners.  
  • Quality – Quality is a prerequisite to success.  We deliver accurate, efficient and timely work product, as defined by our clients’ needs.  We are results-oriented and do the job right – the first time.
  • Professionalism – We have built our strong reputation by delivering high-quality results to our clients and the community, treating them with respect, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm.

(What we do every day to support our Core Values & Mission)

  • Golden Rule – We treat property owners, clients, staff, and outside service providers with respect, honesty and courtesy, as we’d like to be treated.
  • Team Learning – We learn to work together by encouraging open dialogue, skillful discussion and personal accountability.  We freely express our ideas and seek to understand the ideas of others, working across, up and down our organization to maintain an environment free of hidden agendas, criticism and prejudice.
  • Continuous Improvement – We continuously evaluate the accuracy, efficiency, timeliness and quality of the work product that leaves our organization, constantly searching for ways to improve our people, our processes and our teams.  We take great pride in workmanship, and continually challenge the deeply held assumptions and notions that affect our daily actions. We view mistakes as constructive opportunities for improvement.
  • Leadership – Leadership is a behavior, not a job title, and it exists in every contact.  We learn to be leaders by balancing, prioritizing and responding to our clients’ and land owners’ needs as well as our own.
  • Mutual Success – We strive to expand the market, improve service, lower risk, decrease costs and bring new information and ideas to our teams and our clients.  Our pledge is to provide our clients with the best result for every land dollar they spend with us. We promise to deliver what we know we can do and strive to deliver what we dream we can do.