Electrical Consulting & Design

In the E&P world, the biggest challenge when drilling a well is typically finding oil and/or gas. In current times, E&P companies across West Texas and into New Mexico are facing a different type of challenge: getting electrical power to the well site. Electric service providers are struggling to keep up with demand to connect feeder lines to the production facilities. Since no electric power means delays in production and revenue as well as ROI, many companies are hiring independent electrical contractors to build tie lines to speed up the process. Ted W. Walters & Associates has the manpower and the expertise to assist these companies in getting these customer lines authorized, designed and safely installed.

We can do everything up to the point of digging the holes to set the poles.

Here is a partial list of what we can offer:

    • Conceptual planning and routing
    • Permitting
    • Right-of-way research and acquisition
    • Physical/structural design
    • Electrical design
    • Lighting design
    • Equipment specification and procurement assistance
    • Overhead and underground distribution line design and staking
    • GPS and GIS mapping/staking
    • Construction work plans
    • Power line inspections for safety and reliability
    • Project management