Landman Exchange Program

In-house and field landmen collaborate daily to deliver results to the energy companies they represent.  However, most of the time, neither party has actually experienced what it’s like to “walk a mile” in the other’s shoes.  That’s what the TWWA Landman Exchange Program® is all about.

For years, Ted W. Walters & Associates (TWWA) has hosted personnel from client land departments to work and train with us in the field.  The in-house landmen leave with new insights about field land work and with a more well-rounded view of land work in general.

In 2012, we formalized this practice into the TWWA Landman Exchange Program®.  The TWWA Landman Exchange Program® is a hands-on experiential exchange of processes and information. The Program was developed to provide in-house landmen with exposure to how their projects are completed in the field.

Participants in the Program gain:

  • Ability to better communicate with the field landman
  • Better understanding of realistic timelines and deadlines
  • Improved ability to assess field manpower needs
  • Better insight into projecting Project Budgets 
  • Customized Field Experiences

All Landman Exchange Programs® are customized to fit client needs and goals, from the length of time an in-house representative spends in the field to what they experience while there.

As a general rule, the in-house landman is exposed to:

    • Overview of a Courthouse 
      • County Clerk’s Office, District Clerk, Probate, Appraisal District, etc.
    • Running Mineral Title
    • Methods and processes for locating Mineral Owners
    • Negotiating Leases with Mineral Owners
    • Preparing various land forms.  
      • MORs, LPRs, Lease Forms, Check Requests, etc.
    • Field definitions and terminology
    • Mapping
    • Preparation of client reports and the gathering of needed information

Depending on the project and the scope of the project, the in-house landman may also participate in:

    • Title Curative
      • Researching and Securing Affidavits, C/C Probate Filings, etc.
    • Working Interest Research and Reporting
    • ROW Acquisition and other surface negotiations
    • Etc.

It Goes Both Ways

In addition to providing field experiences to in-house personnel, TWWA Project Managers and Team Leads are available to participate in client meetings and presentations at client facilities.  They experience first-hand what is required of their primary contacts within the corporate setting.

“Early in my career, I ran title as part of a field training program, so I thought I knew what was involved.  What I didn’t understand until after spending time in the field with the TWWA crew is that title work varies wildly in different parts of the country.  If you’re in charge of a project in an area you haven’t worked before, I’d strongly recommend getting out into the field to see what your crews are up against.”

—In-House Landman, Dallas, TX

“My four weeks in the field with the TWWA crew in Mississippi gave me an entirely new perspective on how the work I require actually gets done. Seemingly simple tasks like getting an affidavit signed, updating a map or creating a new report take a lot more time and work than I ever could have anticipated.”

—In-House Landman, Global Energy Firm, Houston, TX

“The TWWA Program is beneficial for new landmen in training as well as those with years of experience.  My staff ‘s effectiveness and productivity went through the roof as a result of this program.”

—VP of Land, Major Oil Company