Ted W. Walters & Associates’ experienced GIS/Mapping personnel are available to work directly with clients on a contract basis for any type of mapping project. This service is in addition to the support they offer to our Project Managers. We use the latest technology and software to create any type of map you may require:

  • Mineral Ownership Maps
  • Lease Status Maps
  • Lease Expiration Maps
  • Right-of-Way maps
  • Working Interest Maps
  • Competitor Leasehold Maps
  • Unit Maps
  • Title Tracking Maps
  • Aerial View Maps (2012 where available)
  • Topographical Maps
  • Gap Analysis/As-Built Maps
  • Any combination of the above

We integrate GIS and GPS coordinating systems, survey data from Tobin Maps, and scanned images to provide full-service mapping for all projects.  We strive to acquire and use the most current data and aerials available to enhance the maps we produce.